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Studio Etiqutte!

  • When you arrive, please remove your footwear at the front
  • Make sure to stop by the front desk when you arrive to say hi and check-in
  • Kindly show up early and understand that once class begins, latecomers are not permitted
  • To keep our space tidy, please leave all personal belongings in the change rooms
  • Please turn your phone off while you are in the studio and enjoy the freedom of disconnecting!
  • "Silence is Golden" Please feel free to chat in the reception area and respect silence upon entering the practice room
  • To respect a shared environment we go scent free. No perfumes or sprays in the studio room please!
  • Do your best to stay on the mat for the whole class including savasana. Send a silent message of support to your fellow practitioners by leaving the room quietly.
Moksha/Modo Yoga Pillar #4 - Community Support
Since 2004, the Moksha and Modo Yoga community has thrived on 7 philosophical pillars, each one rooted in the traditional teachings of yoga to ensure that everything we do as a community comes from an ethically awesome, yoga foundation. Our fourth pillar is Community Support – We amplify our own potential by supporting each other. #CommunitySupport #MokshaYoga #ModoYoga
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28 day Yoga Challenge Feb 1st- 28th
Let the count down begin! This 28 day Challenge is a PERSONAL challenge to complete 28 yoga classes in 28 days. Use your current membership or purchase the 28 day challenge unlimited pass $110/$90 students.


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January Karma Charity Donations

MS Society of Canada
The MS Society provides services to people with multiple sclerosis and their families and funds research to find the cause and cure for this disease.
Since MSS was founded in 1948, the core support of the MS Society has been from tens of thousands of dedicated individuals, companies and foundations in communities across Canada. The Society receives almost no funding from government.


The MS Society is governed by a National Board of Directors comprised of 14 volunteer members who are elected annually. There are seven regional divisions and nearly 95 chapters that engage in many community-based activities.

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