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Tailbone, Hips & Fingertips Workshop!
When: Saturday August 23rd | Time: 3-5pm | Price: $30 | Who: Leah Carnahan

There is no way to move your tailbone without sending an inspired wave of movement through your body. Moving the tailbone with awareness is a key to igniting a creative spark in our bodies; bringing life, inspiration and individuality to our personal practice.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The movements to unlock the root of your flexibility
  • How to position your tailbone in various yoga poses
  • Creative stretching inspired by your body and personality
  • How your hips and fingertips relate to these movements
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Arm Balancing Workshop with Leeann!
When: Saturday September 27th | Time: 3:00-5:00pm  | Price: $28.00*
Come and explore your potential to fly in this fun workshop! Leeann will break down arm balancing postures to strengthen the core, open the hips and integrate the shoulders. Let go of fear and fly!  This workshop is for all levels and the heat will be off.*10% discount with freedom membership
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