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Tiny Devotions
Moksha Yoga Waterloo is now carrying Tiny Devotions mala beads!
Yoga and Running Techniques for Runners
Saturday July 26th from 3:00- 5:30pm

This workshop is designed to give runners tools and tips on running gait and muscular imbalances to improve athletic performance and reduce the risk of overuse injuries. We will also look at yoga sequencing and postures that help runners with breath work, mobility, stability and
mental focus.

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Summer Special!
Staring on June 1st 2014 we will be offering this awesome yearly unlimited membership at an unbeatable price! Only $999+tax for 12 months of unlimited yoga!

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Why Practice Hot Yoga in The Summer?

1. You don't have to wear sunscreen in the hot room

2. Acclimatizes your body to the heat outside

3. Limber up!

4. Get that beach body

5. Detoxify from summer indulgences

6. Breathe deeply

7. Spend some quality time with yourself

8. Keep up your regular practice from the winter months

9. Calm the mind

10. Encourages you to drink more water throughout the day

So, keep sweating all summer long!  See you in the hot room soon!