waterloo yoga - anna

Anna O’Malley

My yoga practice has been and continues to be one of transformation, self-care and expansion. Diving into my breath and being fully present in my body has helped me undo and open in many different ways. Anxiety turned into calm, reaction and turned into acceptance and above all, I began to deeply connect to love and unity. This incredible journey lead me to find my true purpose, which is forever being a student of this practice and sharing my learnings’ and authentic self in my classes.
My career path started in the corporate world while living in Toronto and yoga helped me balance out the stress and demands of my career. I was curious to learn more and to deepen my practice, which led me to enroll in Octopus Garden Yoga Center’sĀ  200hr teacher training in 2007. Since then I have trained in, and explored many different styles of yoga and have had the opportunity to practice with many senior teachers from all over North America. You can expect my classes to be engaging, detailed and calm with a carefully selected playlist- I love music! My authentic teaching comes from setting an intention (sankalpa) drawn from my life experiences that is interwoven throughout the practice integrating asana (postures), pranayama (breath) and dhyana (meditation). I have been a part of the amazing Moksha Yoga Waterloo Community from opening day and am forever grateful for the many years of support, friendship and growth!
To learn more, visitĀ  http://www.annaomalley.ca/