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Lynda Spieser

Lynda became a student of the Waterloo Moksha Studio about a year after it opened. New to yoga she tried one class, signed up for the intro package and embarked on a transformational journey.  When yoga became the subject of many, if not most, of her conversations with family, friends and colleagues, it was evident that she was inspired and excited to share what she was learning. Lynda did her Moksha training in Brazil in 2012. Since then she has studied with Dharma Teacher, Poep Sa Frank Jude and is certificated as a Mindfulness Instructor.  In June 2016 Lynda met the requirements of Susi Hately’ s, Functional Synergy Inc., Yoga Therapist program and is now certified with the International Association of Yoga Therapy.  Inspired by her own shifts in well-being from the teachings of Ayurveda introduced in Yoga Therapy training, Lynda is currently deepening her Ayurveda practice through the guidance of Functional Synergy’s graduate program.
What began as a physical practice for Lynda is evolving to ever more awareness of the truer and fuller essence of what Yoga and Ayurveda embody. As she learns, the greater is her appreciation of how one’s body and mind experience spaciousness ~ in a practice that is safe and strong amidst a community of support; in the ease to be found in breath, stillness and movement that is functional; in a lifestyle in sync with nature; and in the infinite possibilities as one pauses to live ‘in this moment’.