Reiki|Mobility Services


Do you feel like you are not reaching your potential for strength or ease of movement in your practice? See Tara Kachroo for a private movement education and mobility sessions.

Tara has been teaching yoga full time since 2007 and practicing and teaching trigger point and myofacial release techniques since 2010. She combines clear and concise language with an understanding of biomechanics and anatomy. Her keen eye for alignment means she is able to offer individual attention and hands-on assists which encourage each student to deeper levels of self-knowledge and self-care.  She is a certified Yoga Tune Up and Roll Model Instructor.

Beyond yoga, these sessions will help you personalize your movement diet — offering suggestions for correcting postural issues that stem from your daily life, your work, or your sport that might be limiting your mobility or causing you pain.

Private sessions may include a variety of posture evaluation and range-of-movement testing, manual therapy techniques, assisted stretching and Thai massage, sport specific mobility work, instruction in corrective exercise, progressive strengthening work, precise stretching and self care techniques, self massage instruction, mindfulness, breath mechanics and pranayama, functional anatomy instruction and, occasionally, yoga postures.


Jenn is influenced and inspired by real life, truth, and spirit. She values compassion, honesty, connection, and confidentiality. With a sensitive and wise disposition that’s grown from experience, Jenn meets people exactly where they’re at, with full reverence. Her gifts of listening, knowing, feeling, and understanding will help you to be at ease. She is quiet, grounded, and contemplative and will offer Reiki treatments customized to your specific need and intention.

Jenn received her Reiki Level I and II attunements and intensive training in Gendai Reiki Ho and Komyo Reiki Kai; two traditional, non-Western lineages of Reiki. Her training is unique, having required the completion of case studies as well as extensive in-depth self-development and supervision over the course of the past two years.

She emphasizes self-empowerment through her sessions, inviting you to fully claim your unique power and purpose, and the ability to transform your own life. It is important to understand that your journey is just that: yours. True lasting transformation happens only when you make a commitment to yourself; your healing is ultimately in your hands.
Jenn has had experience using Reiki to work with PTSD, trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, burnout, and pain management.

Your time with Jenn will feel gentle and relaxing, at the same time as deeply transformational. Jenn takes on the role of Reiki Practitioner with much humility and grace, appreciative of your willingness to grow, and grateful always for the honour of being witness to your healing journey.

Book a one-hour session with Jenn, which includes pre- and post-treatment care and connection, alternating Saturdays, for only $65.00. Pricing will increase upon graduating the Reiki Master Level.