Perkville Points

Perkville is a virtual customer service rewards program that allows you to collect points by:

  • Join Perkville — 50 Points
  • Refer a friend — 10 Points
  • Taking a Class — 7 Points
  • Follow us on Twitter — 20 Points
  • Tweeting About Us — 5 Points


Follow these easy steps below and starting earning rewards TODAY!

  1. Receive Perkville email invitation
  2. Register on Perkville
  3. Automatically earn rewards!


Perkville Points Redemption Process

Learn what you can redeem your points for and our fine print by clicking here.

Please note a few important items before redeeming:

  • Perks (free class or Free one month unlimited) can be transferred to a friend if you are a Freedom Membership student (Perk must be redeemed on before class)
  • Email us in advance with any questions or special requests